Financial Education Benefits UVa Football Student-Athletes

Financial Education Benefits UVa Football Student-Athletes

UVA wants to put programs in place that will allow student-athletes to take advantage of those new benefits. In the first exercise implemented to help student-athletes manage their money, the University's athletics administration worked with Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment to create a customized financial education program to present to the football team.

On a recent evening during training camp, financial educator Aaron Harding and former Boston Celtics star Antoine Walker led a spirited session at the McCue Center that lasted about 90 minutes and held the attention of the nearly 100 players in attendance.

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'Ex-NBA star went from $108 million to bankruptcy' -CNN Money

'Ex-NBA star went from $108 million to bankruptcy' -CNN Money

Antoine Walker believed his financial future was a slam dunk.

Before the age of 20, he had won the NCAA basketball championship and was selected by the Boston Celtics as a top pick in the 1996 NBA Draft. Walker quickly became a basketball superstar. He was named to the All-Star team three times and won the top prize in pro basketball with the Miami Heat in 2006.

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'Q&A: Ex-NBA player Antoine Walker on financial planning, Paul Pierce' -CBS Sports

Antoine Walker carved out a niche for himself in the NBA as a mobile power forward with a solid jumper. While he was a three-time NBA-Star and won an NBA championship with theMiami Heat in 2006, Walker is not often remembered for his achievements on the court. Instead after declaring bankruptcy in 2010, Walker has become the face of broke athletes.

Due to a series of failed real estate investments and frivolous spending dating back to his rookie season, Walker lost close to $110 million dollars and had to liquidate all of his assets, including his 2006 NBA championship ring. Walker was discharged of his debt in 2012 and has learned from his mistakes, becoming more sensible about his finances. He also has embraced his role as a “bankrupt athlete” by openly speaking about his missteps, creating a documentary called Gone In An Instant about his financial journey and more recently, Walker has partnered with Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment to help educate young athletes about the importance of financial planning.

Walker recently spoke with over the phone, about his partnership with Morgan Stanley, Karl-Anthony Towns and his former teammate Paul Pierce.

The following Q&A is lightly edited for clarity and flow. I live in Boston and I still see people wearing your Celtics jersey around town.

Antoine Walker: That's great to hear. I look at Boston as my second home, it is a place I always feel very comfortable coming back to and visiting. Words can't really express how people treat me there. No matter where I go around town, I always get a warm welcome. The fans in Boston have always embraced me and showed me a lot of love. Have you been enjoying your former teammate Paul Pierce still light it up?

Walker: I'm real happy for him. To be entering into his 18th year in the league and still be able to perform at a level where he is making game-winning shots and be such an integral part of a team is unbelievable. It really is a credit to him - he has kept himself healthy, pretty much staying injury-free for most of his career. It is really exciting to see him play at such a high level while he is teaching the young guys. I mean teams are fighting over him now which is just a real tribute to the type of player he still is. Obviously you want guys like Paul to retire as a Celtic but they went towards a youth movement and he's in a good situation now. I'm excited for Paul, he's a first ballot hall of famer. The way the game has been progressing, most teams have a stretch four type of guy. You were basically a stretch four, did you know that was how the game was going to evolve?

Walker: It is crazy to see how the game has evolved into a small man's game. That is how the Golden State Warriors won the championship, going small and playing Draymond Green at the center. It is funny I used to get criticized a lot for shooting a lot of threes and now it is such a big part of the game.

I think Golden State has changed the way a lot of organizations think about playing basketball and teams are going to start looking at guys that have the same type of skills I had. That's the way the game is going and it is unfortunate that the traditional center is being phased out but the game is a little more exciting to watch these days. If you are a 6 '8” or 6' 9” kid that can put the ball on the floor and shoot from beyond the arc, you now have a good chance of being a pro basketball player. Was there a moment when you were with the Heat, that you guys knew you would win the championship?

Walker: At the start of the season we set the goal of winning a championship and we wanted to remain healthy all year. We kind of knew that we were built for the playoffs and we had some trials and tribulations in the postseason but we were able to work together to get to the Finals.

Once we won Game 3 against Dallas, we all knew that we could win it. We had kind of figured them out and this was also when the format was different, so we had three games in Miami. After we won Game 3, we were so confident that we just knew we could win the next two games at home and then finish out the series in Dallas. Know that you are a very proud Kentucky alum, there are 7 players from UK who entered the draft, who is the going to rise above the rest of them? Is it Towns?

Walker: I think Towns is a special talent. I think his versatility is unbelievable, from being able to score in the low block to blocking shots on defense, the kid has it all. He can actually shoot from NBA three-point range, that's a shot he can make consistently. I think that he is going to be the best out of all of the seven guys coming out of Kentucky. How did this partnership with Morgan Stanley and yourself come about? Did you reach out to them or did they reach out to you?

Walker: They had started their Global Sports and Entertainment division last year and I was looking for a financial team to partner with so I can have a platform to share my story. The whole process started a little bit after I filmed a documentary about my story, which we are currently shopping to different networks, and I met with Morgan Stanley about it. They were trying to educate young athletes and change the percentage of guys going broke. My story resonated with what they were trying to do so we established this partnership. I'm excited about working with Morgan Stanley's Global Sports and Entertainment because it gives me the perfect platform to tell my story, something I would have never had before. How is Morgan Stanley's financial education program different than the one NBA players go through during the Rookie Transition Program?

Walker: It is definitely more tailored to an individual athlete. But I think the actual experience of talking with an athlete like myself that has played in the same league as them, made similar money that they are about to make, will help them truly understand how to manage their finances better. I didn't have that type of experience when I came into the league. There was no former player that I could relate to and who could share their story with me. Also with Morgan Stanley, they will have a financial adviser that has experience working with other athletes and entertainers so they can cater their advice more appropriately. I heard you say that saying no is a very powerful action when it comes to finances but isn't that just easy to say? Seems hard to tell people no when you have known them all of your life.

Walker: You are right, it is very difficult to say no but the one thing I try and tell guys is that, this is why you need someone like Morgan Stanley in the middle, somebody to be the “bad guy.” If you want to make sure you have money for your future, you can't be an open ATM. It is hard to say no to your mom, your friends and the people you grew up with. So you have to have someone like Morgan Stanley to step in and be the “bad guy” for you. HBO debuted this show called Ballers recently, did you watch it?

Walker: Yeah, I liked it. Do you feel like that show is close to real life when it comes to the financial aspect of athletes' lives?

Walker: It is pretty close. It is bringing awareness, of course there has only been one episode so far but it is not showing a real solution yet. They may show one later on but that is why my partnership with Morgan Stanley is so important. I'm telling my story and they are providing the proper financial tools, preparing athletes for their future.

Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment Teams Up with Former Professional Athletes

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment (GSE) announced today that former NFL linebacker Bart Scott and former NBA forward Antoine Walker will serve as consultants for the division, helping to provide insight to clients and Financial Advisors based on their first-hand experience with the financial opportunities and challenges encountered by professional athletes. In this role, both Walker and Scott are participating in the rollout of GSE programs, including a financial education program tailored to the unique needs of those in the sports and entertainment fields.

GSE’s consulting relationship with Scott and Walker is part of the division’s commitment to provide experience, tools and resources that help meet sports and entertainment professionals’ unique wealth management needs. Their personal experiences with navigating financial issues that come from sudden wealth and careers spanning varied timeframes – along with the social, mental and physical demands of their professions – will complement the experience of GSE’s Financial Advisors, who by virtue of their knowledge and education are designated as Sports and Entertainment Directors. 

Both Walker and Scott bring unique sets of experiences to GSE as they led different professional career paths with varying degrees of financial success. On the heels of winning the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship at the University of Kentucky, Walker was the sixth overall pick in the 1996 NBA Draft. He played 13 seasons in the NBA, was a three-time NBA All-Star and won an NBA Championship with the Miami Heat in 2006. After earning more than $108 million during his career, Walker filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy two years after retirement. Since then, he has regained footing working as an NBA Analyst for 120 Sports in Chicago. Walker is committed to helping others avoid the mistakes he made and is teaming up with GSE to tell his story. Scott began his NFL career in 2002 as an undrafted free agent, played 11 seasons and was selected to the 2006 Pro Bowl. After the NFL, Scott embarked on a broadcasting career with CBS Sports beginning in 2012.

“We are thrilled to have Antoine and Bart affiliated with our team to provide first-hand insights on the financial realities athletes face during their playing careers and beyond,” said Drew Hawkins, Managing Director and Head of Global Sports & Entertainment. “GSE is providing a game-changing, interactive wealth management experience that combines financial education and planning with insights of retired athletes based on their real-life experiences, and these professional sports veterans are a complementary fit to help us achieve this goal. Our specialized approach, along with the global power of Morgan Stanley's Wealth Management Division, Investment Bank and Private Bank, enables us to help our clients make smart decisions in how they save, spend, invest, borrow and give. ”

Empowering Athletes and Entertainers through Financial Education

The Morgan Stanley GSE Financial Education Program, announced in November 2014, is a tailored financial literacy initiative dedicated to educating and empowering athletes and entertainers at all levels to help them make smart decisions and take control of their financial futures. The program features important educational information along with real conversations with former professional athletes, Bart Scott and Antoine Walker, allowing the course to resonate in an authentic manner without the use of complex theories, jargon or sales pitches. Earlier this year, Scott participated in a successful pilot of the program at Boston College for its men’s basketball and hockey teams.

“As an institution of higher education, our upmost responsibility is to prepare our students for life after college − whether they are a point guard in the NBA or teaching algebra in a public high school,” said Alison Quandt, Assistant Athletic Director, Student Athlete Development, Boston College. “With GSE’s financial education program, our student athletes had the opportunity to directly engage with former pros in order to learn real-life lessons about financial responsibility. As a result, we started an important dialogue among the students, their coaches and administrators that continues today.”

GSE has since expanded the program to the professional level, and last month held a two-day financial education session with the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars.

“Helping our players succeed on and off the field has always been a priority for the Jacksonville Jaguars,” said Marcus Pollard, Director of Player Engagement & Youth Football, Jacksonville Jaguars. “While we accomplish this in a number of ways, the Financial Education program recently delivered by Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment empowered our rookies with the knowledge needed to make smart decisions – and the perspectives shared by Antoine Walker and Bart Scott made the discussion real and actionable.”

Announced in November 2014, Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment (GSE) is a division of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management dedicated to serving the unique and sophisticated needs of professional athletes and entertainers. With approximately 70 designated Sports and Entertainment Directors nationwide with an average of 22 years of experience who are handling over $31 Billion in assets1, GSE’s Directors are seasoned professionals in wealth management, as well as the sports and entertainment fields, and have access to the full scope of Morgan Stanley’s products and services to provide clients with a range of financial offerings specifically designed to help meet these professionals’ exceptional needs. For further information, please visit Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment.

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, a global leader, provides access to a wide range of products and services to individuals, businesses, and institutions, including brokerage and investment advisory services, financial and wealth planning, banking services, annuities and insurance, retirement and trust services.

Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) is a leading global financial services firm providing investment banking, securities, wealth management and investment management services. With offices in more than 43 countries, the Firm's employees serve clients worldwide including corporations, governments, institutions and individuals. For more information about Morgan Stanley, please visit

Basketball Star Who Went Bankrupt Wishes He'd Gotten an MBA

Basketball Star Who Went Bankrupt Wishes He'd Gotten an MBA

Former Boston Celtics player Antoine Walker was just 19 years old in 1996, when he was drafted by the NBA. Flashy endorsements and multimillion-dollar contracts followed. He'd "never have to worry about money again in his life," then Celtics coach Rick Pitino said when Walker inked a $71 million deal with the team a few years later. 

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